Our Children — an ode to all children of the world, a warm embrace to the child within you, a celebration of innocence, spontaneity and the carefree life every child deserves.
Featuring Maggoosh’s 2024 lucky charm, The Lucky Spin.
One of humanity’s earliest toys, the spinning top, a symbol of joy and simplicity, a twirling tribute to childhood.

~ each scene had very little directing, I let our cousins naturally be, excitingly capturing their true essence.
~ there is no end to diving deeper into the craft of filmmaking; there will always be more to learn.
~ when all your shots come to life exactly as you had imagined, that is a great joy.
~ we can all learn so much and be inspired by the authenticity, spontaneity and honesty of a child.
~ in a world with so much pain and darkness, this is my way of reminding that light and love can exist,
I hope you feel that, from my heart to yours.

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Athina Chrissaki
Featuring The Lucky Spin by Maggoosh
Starring our cousins Sofia & Cornelia
Original Music by Nicki Wells
Loader & Gaffer Andreas Vembos and Fanis Dalezios

Shot onn 16mm film.
© 2024. All rights reserved.